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Who am I? Barbara DeMille McCullough. Where am I located? Vista, CA., in north San Diego county. When did I start making pet products? In 1999, mostly for local veterinarians and pet boarding facilities, San Diego pet shows, and mail order from word of mouth. What do I make? Quality pet sleeping products, many one of a kind, using berbers, sherpa, faux furs, chenille, plush furs, and velours. I also use polar fleece, flannel, cotton quilts, exotic animal faux furs, and elegant imported brocades. Why did I start making them? Because I could not find any commercial pet beds I liked for our cats. How do I make them? One at a time, by myself, for the ultimate in quality control. I design, purchase materials, make the patterns, cut, sew brush and fluff, tag and sell with the help of my family.
    Basically, it has become an art project "gone wild", with hundreds of beds, and I can't stop sewing! It is gratifying to know there are hundreds of happy, satisfied pets sleeping in the best pet beds I can produce. I have dozens of reports verifying how pets will have no other bed, if given a choice.

By the way, Snugglers make great gifts that always bring smiles.

All beds are:
• Reversible
• Washable
• Durable
• Protects Furniture
• Designer Colors
• Folds for Travel
• Hand made in the USA
• Irresistible!
Instructions for care:
                    • Brush/lint roll when needed
                    • Machine Wash Gentle Cycle
                    • Tumble Dry Low

   Since each bed is a unique work of art, and I am continually buying different fabric throughout the year, please call and I can help you choose your unique, sometimes one of a kind bed. Click here to print out the Helpful Information form and I can help you select your pets perfect bed.

Products and Prices - Prices may vary according to cost of materials

  Snugglers: Original round beds

    Regular Midrange Exotics
  xsm 10" $20.00 $30.00 N/A
to 10lbs. sm 14" $23.00 $33.00 $36.00
10-14lbs. med 16" $26.00 $36.00 $39.00
14-18lbs lrg 18" $29.00 $39.00 $42.00


  Brocades: Elegant reversible round beds with a touch of class. Beautiful imported brocades in stunning colors. Decorate your heart out. Great for pets with long hair.

to 8lbs. xsm 10" $33.00
to 10lbs. sm 14" $36.00
10-14lbs. med 16" $39.00
14-18lbs lrg 18" $42.00



Bunchy Blankets: Fluffy. lined, cross stitched with elastic, cozy blanket. Soft and cuddly, this is a perfect throw for pets that like to burrow or play hide and seek.

Approx. 24" x 24" $24.00
Approx. 30" x 30" $29.00



Hoops: Fun pouches, closed at one end and held open with a sturdy hoop at the other end. Comfy reversible fabrics for pets that like to burrow, or those needing extra warmth.

10" opening/ 18" long up to 12 lbs. $28.00
12" opening/ 21" long up to 18 lbs. $33.00
14" opening/ 24" long up to 23 lbs. $38.00




Patch Pads: Truly one of a kind, no two alike, beautiful individually hand patched, using 12-20 patches per pad. Prices vary according to cost of materials.

12 to 20 Patches, Varying Sizes $80.00



Crate Mats: Available in 2 sizes, each length includes a 4” flip up extension to adjust to shorter or longer crates.

  Regular Brocade
10" x 20" $16.00 $21.00
14" x 24" $19.00 $24.00



Fur Beds: Exotic, luxury velours and plush faux furs offer the ultimate in cushy comfort and beauty. Lots of luck getting your pet out of this one.

    Velour Fur Neon Fur Plush Fur
  xsm 10" $30.00 N/A N/A
to 10lbs. sm 14" $33.00 $36.00 $36.00
10-14lbs. med 16" $36.00 $39.00 $39.00
14-18lbs. lrg 18" $39.00 $42.00 $42.00



Pet Plops: Plops and Pads are soft and puffy for a comfortable nap anywhere, with a super selection of materials. Great for furniture, on your bed, or even in the car, these yummy reversible pads are always a hit.

20" x 20" $18.00



Soft Pads: Great for furniture, on your bed or even in the car, these yummy reversible pads are always a hit.

24" x 30" $29.00



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